How do we fully embody our power?

What happens when we fully step into our power…and what the hell does that look like? What if we do and we don’t like the way our life is? What if we want to quit our job, move, or shift something about ourselves?

I have been taking this journey with myself over my whole adult life…and diving deeper into it in the last two years.

Now, I am walking with women in this dance and bearing witness to this embodiment. 

As I witness this transformation, this deeply stunning dance, I am in awe.

Just as I have sat at the feet of women birthing their babes, I feel so blessed and moved by the power of women.  I always have and will continue to be. I am sitting at the side of women as they connect with their divine feminine and their source energy.  I often have tears streaming down my cheeks as I connect with them to the source and watch their beauty fill their pelvic bowls and bodies.

What does power in a balanced and beautiful embodiment look like?

It looks like a woman finding herself and all her glorious imperfections and perfections and merging the feminine and masculine sides of herself and really grasping how enormously beautiful her soul and her connection to source is. 

It looks like a women finding her passions and giving it her all, while still finding time to balance and support and nourish herself.

It looks like a women taking in a breath and breathing it all the way to her womb and letting this pure light and intention clear and let go of what she no longer needs.

It looks like a women feeling scared, uncertain, but going past fear to come out stronger on the other side.

It looks like a woman feeling so much energy and pleasure in her own body that she feel like she may burst with the pure moment of ecstasy.

It looks like a woman holding hands in prayer in front of her heart, bowing her head and feeling the pulse of her blood running through her veins and feeling so amazingly grateful to be alive.

This, my friends, is what fully embodying power looks like to me.

I invite you to find what sparks your light, what fills you up, and follow it….and keep holding on to it…no matter what!!!

With love,